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As the premier adult creator management agency in the world, we are experts at accelerating models from all levels of success to the Top 1% of creators in the world. We literally wrote the book and when you join our agency, our experts become your personal advisors to join this elite club.

What does this mean? It means we have great fucking expertise in this space. 

So if you’re a new or established model in our industry, you’re in for some luck. We’ve decided to use our coveted connections to help certain our models establish themselves as the cream of the crop in this fast-growing industry. 


We work with models, actresses, fitness gurus, female influencers and show them exactly how to take their personal brand to new highs they never before imagined.

Perception is reality. Our team of professional account managers, will define the vision for your brand and teach you how to perceive yourself in a completely different light. 

At 1MILLIONGIRLS, our team of dedicated business professionals will take care of not just your personal brand, but any other opportunities that arise from it as well, such as: lingerie lines, books, product endorsements, etc. 


We offer private consultations to help you build your personal brand.

Once you’ve built a loyal following and have crossed 1 million followers, you are more than just an influencer. Your Instagram account is now a platform capable of supporting a business in its entirety. The reason girls don’t take advantage of this, is because they don’t have the technical expertise or know-how required to get a business off the ground at almost no cost. 

We will show you how to use your following to build a multi-million dollar brand starting from absolute scratch, without requiring any up-front investment whatsoever.

We will help you decide on a product line, a company name, marketing strategy and also help you out with building your supply chain and back-end, finding manufacturers, setting up your business website, registering your company and anything else required.

If you’re interested in using your social media following to build a company of your own, book an appointment with us today!

All appointments must be booked at least 10 days in advance to allow for market and account research.

Price: On request