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The Premier Onlyfans Management Agency

The Journey to the 1%
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As the original and largest Onlyfans Management Agency, the 1MILLIONGIRLS team has mastered the formula to take hardworking creators to the top echelon of fame and revenue. We literally wrote the book on it.

Journey to the 1% (8.5 × 11 in)


When OnlyFans launched in 2016, they took the influencer industry by storm. Social Media influencers, particularly women finally realised their earning potential and how valuable their followers on Instagram and Twitter were. With OnlyFans, women started making 6-figure sums in a matter of months. But influencers found that they weren’t able to make large sums on their own. They required outside counsel.

Today, 1MILLIONGIRLS is led by a team of powerhouse women and is the premier management agency in the world for the Top 1% of Onlyfans creators. We use our deep-rooted experience in the industry to help our models maximise their potential.

We love OnlyFans for its ability to provide women the opportunity to support themselves and not have to depend on anyone else to get by. The goal at 1MILLIONGIRLS is to help as many women as we can become completely financially independent in this new world with limitless possibilities.

bringing you tomorrow's results,today.

Premier Management Services

content creation

We guide you through the process of starting your account on OnlyFans, Fansly, Fancentro, etc, and deliver our expertise on content direction, post scheduling, promotion management, and network of resources to ensure your account flourishes.


Do you know your demographic and the content that holds their engagement? This combined with daily life can be overwhelming. With our marketing campaigns, fan analysis, and strategic digital marketing experience, we can form a plan that not only expands your fan base substantially but puts you on the path with exponential growth from ground zero.



All of our OnlyFans top earners can attest to our in-depth data analysis of your growing fan base. We document all promotions, campaigns, and subscriptions for further analysis. This attention to numbers allows us to guide our adult creators to success through proven models.



Your fan page growth is dependent on your consistency through a broad combination of your social media platforms and digital outlets. There is no “one-way” approach. We utilize our marketing team’s experience in digital advertising to expand on your demographic and fan base. From collaborations with top 3% earners to website creation for advertising space. We’ve got you covered.



Exhausted with the countless social platforms? Trying to keep track of when to post, where to post, and what to post to drive engaging fans to your page? 1MILLIONGIRLS  is a full-service talent agency. We handle content creation, content scheduling, and OnlyFans subscriber engagement.



You are the talent. We are the agency. Our job is to provide support in all forms so you can focus on delivering the absolute best available entertainment and content your customers can buy. Every top earner knows that the only way to actual growth is power in numbers. We take the pressure of social media & brand management, customer engagement, and marketing off of the talent so you can focus on what matters. Growth!


From Top 6% to Top .01% in 3 Months

Sarah Jane is an active mom and entrepreneur who had joined Onlyfans to show off her passion for fitness and working out while earning some extra income for her family.  She has an amazing eye for creating content, but didn’t have the free cycles to dedicate to proper fan engagement and page management.  Enter 1MILLIONGIRLS team and we have successfully taken Sarah Jane to the promised Top 1% on Onlyfans in just under three months.  Now she has the best of all worlds at her finger tips.


Welcome to our FAQ page. Here you’ll find the answers to some of the most common questions we are asked by Creators. If you have additional questions, please reach out to our team using one of our intake forms. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Our pricing structure is based on a flat rate minimum + a % of revenue, whichever is higher. The rates depend on the size of your account. Please contact us for a proposal for your account.

After sending us your information, please give our team a day or two to get back to you. We’ll ask a few follow up questions and schedule a discovery call to make sure you can ask all the questions you want from our team. Following that call we’ll package a proposal for your review and approval.

Once the proposal is approved our team will schedule an onboarding call with you to set up logistics, communication setup with your account manager, content schedule, and understand any limitations you might have with your fans.

The discovery call is a great call to schedule with our team to ask any questions, meet an account manager, and help our team understand your account in more depth before drafting a proposal for you.

All content rights stay with you, we do not own any content provided to us. 

Both work, depending on the circumstance we may have individual recommendations after our team reviews your situation. Please send your information to our team for review.

We focus on small to large accounts. We do not typically work with starter accounts unless it is backed by an existing large social media following. However, feel free to send your information to our team any way as our team may have recommendations or other resources for you if you are just beginning.

Our promotion campaigns are focused on growing your onlyfans directly using paid shoutout campaigns with a network of top performing models with guaranteed results (on free accounts). We also grow instagram accounts using paid shoutouts on larger instagram accounts to promote you and your content while following strict IG rules around adult material.

Absolutely, please send us your information through one of our intake forms and we’ll reach out to setup a discovery call.

The account manager is the liaison between you and the rest of the 1MILLIONGIRLS team. The team that runs your account could consist of several people, depending on the size of the account. The account manager works with you on every aspect from communicating your requests to the rest of the team, custom requests, answering questions, and guiding the account to success.

An account audit is done the days after onboarding and allows our team to review how the account has performed in the past, where the main sources of revenue come from, identify top fans, and informs our strategy creation.  Call our team to schedule a review today.

You will have dedicated communication to your account manager through iMessage, WhatsApp, or our secure messaging portal.

Our average models make over $75,000/month.

If your application was auto rejected that may be due to your account being too small or a starter account. If that’s the case, you can reach out to our staff individually at the email below for reconsideration or for a recommendation to another agency that can help smaller accounts like yours.  You may wish to consider our 360 Coaching program to grow your account with us.


For any inquiries please email